A Journey into the belly of Ethereum

Dubbed web 3.0, the internet of value; ethereum is the seed of a promise for a tomorrow where black-box organisations prone to corruption compete against distributed ones.  Inspired to document, this entry will cover my journey into the Ethereum block-chain, or the world computer.

Setting up

Introducing… the Docs!

From the docs it has become apparent to me that ethereum is not as simple as

apt-get ethereum

on contrare, it is a whole stack.  To start I begin by installing Mist (and the wallet as well).  The process was straight forward and has a long install time (downloading block 4.20 mil as of this writing).  I expect the download to consume around 20.0 GB of my drive.

Next on my list is an ethereum client.  The docs highlight that a GO implementation comes bundled with mist, as I’m more familiar writing code in python, as such i choose to go with pyethapp.  Installation of it became beyond my ability to solve,  so i switched to geth (go-ethereum).  Starting Geth for the first time started a sync. After a couple hours (and most of my hard-drive space gone) I consulted the internet and became worried that Geth would take days to sync and be beyond my SSD capacity.  I quit the sync and searched for a better way to continue my journey.


Low and behold Truffle! the popular ethereum development framework.  It installed on npm, it generated an easy to use test net, it runs web3, it bakes itself into react.  In terms of developing a project, this is the place to start.